A Lasting Legacy for Hull UK City of Culture

A Lasting Legacy for Hull UK City of Culture

If you live in Hull, there’s no way you’ll have missed that it was the UK City of Culture for 2017. Likewise, if you’re based elsewhere, it was practically impossible not to catch the constant positive coverage, from Guardian reviews and Time Out articles, to international travel bloggers capturing the city’s thriving arts sector on film. Even the BBC ensured that every weather forecast included us, literally putting Hull on the map.

Though our city’s year in the spotlight has been and gone, its legacy is only just beginning. And whilst it’s easy to think that a focus on culture is limited to the arts, the result is ongoing growth in all areas, from dining and tourism, to business, skills training, funding opportunities and property development.

Prople is property investment for the people, based on a highly accessible and lucrative crowdfunding model. By offering anyone the chance to take out shares for just £2,000 each, we’ve secured a method of creating the very best in modern living, whilst our supporters benefit from an enviably high return of 8% after three years.

Our stylish apartments are located in the Fruit Market, which has established itself as the go-to destination for music, art, theatre and festivals, not to mention amazing food and incredible nightlife, all while remaining safe and peaceful for those who call the area their home. This means that anyone living here can simply pop outside and be within a minute’s walk of a family day out, a romantic meal for two, cocktails with friends, or simply a stroll around the picturesque marina and relaxing pier.

In this area you’ll also find the Centre for Digital Innovation (C4DI) and other key workplaces that are changing the future of Hull. From graphic design and web development, to virtual reality and digital music distribution, the Fruit Market is the new HQ for start-ups and large companies that attract new business from near and far, furthering the economic growth of what was recently named the UK’s most enterprising city.

By taking out even a single share, you’ll be playing a part in the long-term enhancement of Hull and its property landscape. And yet you don’t have to worry about any of the fiddly and often stressful responsibilities that go with property investment, such as maintenance, health and safety, legal documentation, tenancy agreements and cash flow. All of these duties are managed by Prople, whilst our investors simply sit back and enjoy the peace of mind that their money is growing and making a huge difference to local society.

We honestly believe that the Prople way will be adopted across the UK and eventually become the norm, but for now you can boast that you’re involved in a truly innovative, responsible and valuable form of property investment, building a sizeable nest egg in the process.

To find out how you can get involved in property investment for as little as £2,000, contact our team today on 01482 215990 or email hello@proplecrowd.com

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