A Thriving Culture Means a Growing Economy

A Thriving Culture Means a Growing Economy

It can be easy to disassociate the arts from property investment. After all, what do theatre shows, graffiti murals and flash mob dancers have to do with luxury apartments? Well, quite a lot actually, as Hull’s status as the UK City of Culture 2017 proved within just a few days of its inception.

With a diverse and inclusive arts scene comes increased tourism, greater civic pride, and most importantly for property investors, an influx of government funding. This in turn allows for major public realm works and higher levels of gainful employment. With more people working in exciting full-time jobs or filling their freelance calendar with additional roles, Hull has seen a significant rise in the need for stylish homes.

This is where Prople comes in. By creating high quality living environments in the city’s vibrant cultural district, we’re guaranteeing that your investment is, as they say, safe as houses. Below are some examples of how Hull’s cultural landscape is transforming at an accelerated rate.

The Fruit Market

We’ll start with the obvious one – the location of Prople’s latest development. This area is going through an £80m urban transformation, which has seen it become the main hive of entertainment and modern lifestyle for the city. Thanks to venues such as Humber Street Gallery, Fruit and Stage@TheDock, there’s more activity in this area than when it was an actual fruit market, drawing visitors from near and far.

The theatre scene

Whilst the popular Hull Truck Theatre has received a new lease of life, Hull New Theatre has reopened following an enormous upgrade that makes it fit for world-class acts. The result has seen productions by the National Theatre, the Royal Ballet and London-based directors flock to the city, and with them comes a new generation of arts professionals who want to be involved in it on a daily basis.

Art in unexpected places

Whilst Hull UK City of Culture 2017 is, as you may have guessed, only for one year, the team behind it is continuing under the guise of the Culture Company. Part of its mission is to continue enabling communities to make art on their own doorsteps. The brilliant knock-on effect is that individuals and groups are taking this empowerment to whole new levels, leading to bids for further arts investment from external suppliers. Every extra pound injected into the city benefits its economy, making luxury apartments even more sought after.

Invest today

Hull really is the place to be, and you can still be part of the action even if you live at the other side of the country. To find out how to be part of a lucrative property investment opportunity for as little as £700, contact our team today on 01482 215990 or email hello@proplecrowd.com


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