Engineering a Brighter Future for Property Investors

Engineering a Brighter Future for Property Investors

When you invest in luxury apartments, you need to know that there’s a suitable local audience. Put simply, high levels of style, comfort and desirability aren’t much good if there’s no one around who can afford the rent. Luckily for Prople investors, our homes are located in a city that benefits from a thriving population of young go-getters with healthy salaries, guaranteeing a strong ROI on your outlay.

Whilst Hull has always had an excellent university, a brand new development is getting a lot of media attention. We’re referring to the Ron Dearing UTC, which is paving the way to a bright future thanks to its focus on 21st century skills. UTC stands for University Technical College, a government-funded institution for young people aged 14-19 that provides a wider scope of learning than traditional schools. Whilst covering the usual subjects, a UTC also teaches a range of technical and scientific disciplines as part of its unique methodology.

Based in an environment that’s conducive to the world of work, each student has a learning mentor and a business mentor to offer advice and support whilst guiding them onto their dream career path. Another interesting feature is that school hours are 9:15am-5:15pm, which not only means that students are acclimated to the working day at an early age, but homework is removed from their curriculum. This gives them free time on evenings and weekends to either relax or pursue extracurricular activities, creating a harmonious balance of work and play.

Popular in other cities across the UK, the UTC model has an excellent success rate when it comes to school leavers immediately entering apprenticeships and employment. Whilst many will of course go to university, a UTC student is just as likely to land a job due to their advanced capabilities in both STEM topics and workplace mentality. Meanwhile, Ron Dearing UTC is partnered with the University of Hull, KCOM, RB, Hull City Council, Arco, C4DI, Green Port Hull, Sewell Group, Trident and recruitment agency Emmerson Kitney, significantly adding to the likelihood of students finding paid roles before they’ve even left the campus.

Added to this are the professional qualifications offered by Ron Dearing UTC, which really set students apart from the crowd. These include everything from Microsoft Office Specialist and Cisco IT Essentials, to AutoCAD Revit Architecture and St John’s Ambulance First Aid certifications, all of which are heavily career-based and give young individuals a real edge when it comes to interviews.

But it’s not all technical skills, as the UTC offers a broad enrichment programme that helps students to learn about culture, social issues, sex and relationships, leadership methods, and even careers in the military. The result is hundreds of young people graduating each year with everything it takes to make it in life, and with this proficiency and ambition come a steady income and the determination to live in the finest apartments in the city. (That’s where Prople and our investors have the advantage.)

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