Fancy Turning £10,000 into £30,000?

Fancy Turning £10,000 into £30,000?

Prople makes property investment accessible for everyone through a secure and lucrative crowdfunding platform. Simply take out one or more shares at £2,000 each and watch your money grow.

Our luxury apartments are located in Hull’s exciting and family-friendly Fruit Market, which has become the heart of stylish dining, eclectic arts events and independent retail offerings thanks to an enormous regeneration scheme. This means that each property is in very high demand, removing the risk of homes being empty for months on end.

Thanks to this attractive situation, we can easily take care of residents’ needs and maintain the highest standards of modern living. So, unlike most other forms of property investment, you just take out shares and leave everything else to us – no need to worry about finding tenants, collecting rent, paying for repairs and upgrades, or receiving calls in the middle of the night because someone’s lost their keys. What’s more, your outlay will steadily increase in value through an unparalleled interest rate of 8%.

If you take out a single share at £2,000, you’ll earn £160 a year. This is ideal for people with a little cash to spare that they want to convert into a dependable moneymaking reserve. But then there are those looking to invest a bit more capital, which is where our offering is by far the most logical and savvy option.

Prople has 700 shares available; however, we’re limiting investors to a maximum of five each, allowing fairness across the board. Anyone with £10,000 in a low-interest ISA or volatile investment system should definitely consider transferring their funds over to our crowdfunding platform, as the return is not only very high, but also 100% guaranteed and risk-free.

By taking out five shares and investing £10,000, you can rest assured that you’ll earn £800 in interest every single year. After just five years your stake will be worth £14,000; after ten years it will be £18,000; and if you’re planning on saving long-term or for retirement, your £10k will have tripled to £30k in 25 years. No one else offers a ROI anywhere near this rewarding and secure, so make a move now before our 700 shares are snapped up.

With each apartment coming with high-speed internet access, secure gated parking, bespoke décor, artwork by the local creative community, quartz worktops and the same beds you’ll find in Claridge’s, we’re just as serious about looking after our tenants as we are helping our investors to nurture their wealth.

Ours is a responsible, modern and profitable methodology that’s helping the city to catch up with Manchester and London, so don’t delay and get involved today. Contact our friendly team on 01482 215990 or email hello@proplecrowd.com.

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