Here’s Why Our Apartments are in High Demand

Here’s Why Our Apartments are in High Demand

Prople has created a brand new style of investment in Hull, which is open to people across the UK. Whilst property investment has always been popular, the traditional format comes with barriers that can stop many potential investors from getting involved.

The most obvious of these barriers is cost. Purchasing even a small flat can come with a hefty price tag that many simply can’t afford. Meanwhile, if you come across a very cheap piece of property, it probably means that it requires a lot of work, from cosmetic improvements, to an overhaul of the entire infrastructure. The chances of finding property that is both inexpensive and in great condition are slim to none, plus you’ll need to hire a surveyor and solicitor just to make sure the place isn’t about to fall apart and everything goes smoothly.

Sometimes groups of people have the smart idea to invest together. This can be an effective way of getting into property investment without breaking the bank, but it still comes with maintenance costs, safety and security obligations, and all the other time-consuming bits and bobs that go into keeping a home attractive and functional. What’s more, you’ll either have to find tenants yourself or hire an estate agent to do it for you, and both solutions come with the very real risk of late or missing rent payments, damage to the property, and periods of time without residents.

When it comes to our newly built luxury apartments, you can simply invest in a share. You don’t have to worry about any of the upkeep, legal documents or the communication with tenants; instead, you own a slice of a lucrative source of income, which will only grow with time.

Prople’s methodology is essentially crowdfunding. Numerous people from all around the UK own shares in our high-yield properties, allowing us to create the very best in modern living at the heart of Hull’s beautiful and innovative Fruit Market. The term “safe as houses” has never been so apt, as your money is secured in apartments that are highly sought after, expertly designed, in a prime location and ideal for business professionals and creative minds alike.

As for the outlay, you can buy shares for just £2,000. It could act as a small savings fund that you leave to build in worth, or a large investment that quickly expands to become a significant pot of cash. Whether you buy shares for yourself or a friend, as a short-term money booster or security for your retirement years, Prople is the answer. Plus if you keep the shares for at least three years, you’ll benefit from a return of 8%, which blasts most ISAs out of the water and comes with zero risk, unlike the stock market.

To find out how to get involved in property investment for as little as £2,000, contact our team today on 01482 215990 or email hello@proplecrowd.com

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