Our Residents Live Just a Short Walk from Hull Venue

Our Residents Live Just a Short Walk from Hull Venue

When creating luxury properties designed for modern living, you don’t just plonk them down anywhere willy-nilly. That’s why we’ve focused on Hull’s bustling Fruit Market, which is home to everything from Humber Street Sesh and the Freedom Festival, to a host of first-rate eateries, quirky boutiques, regular craft markets and a thriving tech start-up community.

What’s more, we looked beyond the immediate surroundings at what’s available within a short walk, and one of the most exciting developments in this radius must surely be the newly constructed Hull Venue.

Located on Myton Street, just off the A63 and a stone’s throw from Princes Quay Shopping Centre and Hull Marina, the Hull Venue will open its doors in summer 2018. Promising a blending of household names and community events, the 3,500-seater attraction will be managed by SGM Europe, the brand behind concert arenas in Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester. With this in mind alongside a price tag of £36 million and building work carried out by the mighty BAM Construction, you know that it’s going to be a huge success from day one.

Even the team is first-rate, with Dan Harris of The Baths Hall and The Plowright Theatre in Scunthorpe taking on the role of General Manager. By putting in place industry professionals who know how the entertainment world works, you can rest assured that Hull Venue will run smoothly, with safety, efficiency and customer satisfaction at its core.

And it’s not just about music, comedians and sport, as Hull Venue will also act as the city’s most impressive centre for conferences, trade tours and commercial exhibitions. This means that anyone living in a Prople apartment will have a range of business events right on their doorstep, as well as the opportunity to book the venue for their own corporate gatherings.

Offering an adaptable environment that can comfortably host seated events for up to 2,600 guests, a 1,400 square metre exhibition space and an auditorium with a capacity of 800, businesses can put on anything from conventions and seminars, to galas, banquets and award ceremonies.

Needless to say, a large car park is also being constructed, as well as extensive landscaping that will transform the neighbouring area to create a welcoming focal point at the heart of Hull City Centre.

We love what’s happening in Hull right now and we want you to get involved. To take out anywhere between one and five shares in our stylish apartments for £2,000 each, contact our friendly team on 01482 215990 or email hello@proplecrowd.com.

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