Britain Becomes Europe’s Crowdfunding Hub

The UK leads Europe in crowdfunding and similar investment markets by a long way, according to new research conducted by Cambridge’s Judge Business School. The recent report concludes that the British alternative finance market, which primarily consists of crowdfunding and peer to peer lending, is now worth an eyebrow-raising £4.9 billion.

Meanwhile, the popularity of …

What Could You Buy with an Extra £800 a Year?

Prople is where luxury property meets crowdfunding. A large number of people buy shares in our stylish apartments in Hull’s newly regenerated Fruit Market, allowing us to create and maintain the very best in modern living, while you benefit from an attractive return of 8% a year. Sounds good so far, right?

Anyone can take …

A University that’s Reshaping the City’s Economy

The University of Hull is an excellent place to study, which is reflected in its winning of an Outstanding Administrative Services trophy at the Times Higher Education Awards, plus a £200m redevelopment project that’s transforming its many listed and iconic buildings. What’s more, the campus also contains Hull University Business School (HUBS), the home …

Hull is a City that Knows How to do Business

When investing in property, it’s good to know that the local business landscape is healthy and on the rise. After all, property is only as strong as the local economy; the higher the employment levels, the greater the need for luxury accommodation.

To put your mind at ease, we’ve whipped up a list of some …

A Thriving Culture Means a Growing Economy

It can be easy to disassociate the arts from property investment. After all, what do theatre shows, graffiti murals and flash mob dancers have to do with luxury apartments? Well, quite a lot actually, as Hull’s status as the UK City of Culture 2017 proved within just a few days of its inception.

With a …

Invest in the Most Enterprising Place in Britain

An investment is only as strong as its environment, so investors in Hull property will be delighted to hear that the city recently won in two categories at the Enterprising Britain Awards, organised by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

With 5,000 more jobs and 6,800 more people in employment compared to 2011, …

Why Peak Stuff is good news for Crowdfunding as an investment model

Peak Oil is something most of us have heard of – it is essentially the realisation that oil is running out but is more specifically defined as the point at which the extraction of oil has reached its maximum and goes into terminal decline as an available, naturally occurring resource. But now we are increasingly seeing media reports of Peak Stuff – its everywhere, every analyst and every economist has latched on to the fact that, for apparently no good reason, we have simply stopped buying as much ‘stuff’.

How Crowdfunding can turn powerlessness into power

Fear is an incredibly powerful emotional state. It can paralyse us or it can fill us with a high-intensity urge to fight our way out of trouble. The paralysis option usually manifests itself directly from a sense of powerlessness – and we don’t have to look far to see endless examples of this in our everyday lives.
We individually feel powerless in the face of financial pressures; rising prices; and economic uncertainty. We feel ‘frozen out’ of the big conversations and their resultant decisions. Essentially we don’t get to have a say in how things play out.

Necessity is the mother of invention…and Crowdfunding

Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. This blog is not advocating ignorance as a way forward or indeed trumpeting it as a life tool of any sort – we’re merely saying that, occasionally, sticking one’s head in the stand is temporarily preferable to engaging with reality. Every so often it is perfectly and normally human to feel the urge to take our lead from ostriches.

Why Crowdfunding could actually save your life

“Is there a Doctor in the house?” is a shout that only goes up when illness or injury has come suddenly and publicly upon some unfortunate individual – usually in a public space or amenity and very occasionally in appalling incidences of catastrophe or terror. That call can only be answered by a very, very select few. The few who chose to dedicate a minimum of seven years to the study of the human body’s function and vulnerabilities and also to the alleviation of the pain and distress that those vulnerabilities facilitate.