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How disco helps David Cameron save the European Union

When the aging opera singer Viola Williams taught her grand-daughters to sing in the late 1960s, little did she realize that Debbie, Joni, Kathy and Kim Sledge would go on to define the concept of strength in numbers… through disco.

Just a few years later, as Sister Sledge they stormed the charts worldwide with the floor-filling global smash hit ‘We are Family’ – and the song has been habitually trotted out as a soundtrack for togetherness ever since.

Football can be enthralling, breathtaking, nailbiting – yes. But beautiful? Not often. As a barometer of economic wellbeing it is also proven to be an unreliable instrument, with fans continuing to shell out for season tickets and merchandise despite soaring prices and falling wages. Hardly a yardstick for realistic economic forecasting.