What Could You Buy with an Extra £800 a Year?

Prople is where luxury property meets crowdfunding. A large number of people buy shares in our stylish apartments in Hull’s newly regenerated Fruit Market, allowing us to create and maintain the very best in modern living, while you benefit from an attractive return of 8% a year. Sounds good so far, right?

Anyone can take …

Here’s Why Our Apartments are in High Demand

Prople has created a brand new style of investment in Hull, which is open to people across the UK. Whilst property investment has always been popular, the traditional format comes with barriers that can stop many potential investors from getting involved.

The most obvious of these barriers is cost. Purchasing even a small flat can …

The Easy Way to Grow a Small Fortune

With a multitude of options available, investing money can be tricky. Many people still default to bank-based ISAs without assessing how limited they are in terms of potential. To take a few big name examples, HSBC offers up to 0.5% and Halifax varies from 0.2% to ten times as much depending on which type …