Our Top Five Places to Visit in Hull (after the Fruit market)

With stylish, modern properties based in the centre of Hull’s amazing Fruit Market, we tend to focus on this area’s offerings quite a bit. To rectify this, we thought it only fair to share a few of our favourite places that aren’t quite on our doorstep.

East Park

As the name suggests, this beautiful park is …

No Worries for the Rest of Your Days

Can’t beat a reference from The Lion King, and “Hakuna Matata” is precisely what Prople is all about.

You may have read recently that more than a dozen property schemes in the north of England have either stalled indefinitely or collapsed altogether. Understandably, this might make you uncomfortable with the thought of injecting your hard-earned …

Fancy Turning £10,000 into £30,000?

Prople makes property investment accessible for everyone through a secure and lucrative crowdfunding platform. Simply take out one or more shares at £2,000 each and watch your money grow.

Our luxury apartments are located in Hull’s exciting and family-friendly Fruit Market, which has become the heart of stylish dining, eclectic arts events and independent retail …

The Benefits of an Interconnected City

If you’re going to invest in property, you need to know that its location has strong transportation links. From commuting to work and visiting clients, to taking holidays and welcoming tourists, without good connections, a business, property market and even the local economy can falter and decline.

Luckily for Hull and those investing in it, …