The Centre for Digital Innovation On Your Doorstep

The Centre for Digital Innovation On Your Doorstep

Prople offers property investment for the people through a highly accessible and low-risk crowdfunding platform. Take out one or more shares for £2,000 each, then simply sit back and watch your nest egg grow. Remain an investor for three years or more and benefit from a very healthy 8% ROI, which is much higher than ISAs and other investment options.

The properties that you can invest in are stylish apartments in the heart of Hull’s cultural Fruit Market area. They’ve been designed to meet all modern needs, including safety and security, environmentally friendly design, comfort and aesthetics, and of course quick access to a world of opportunities. These include everything from chic restaurants, fashion boutiques and a retro hairdresser, to galleries, museums, annual festivals and family-friendly activities.

Then of course there’s the business community. With various companies setting up in this area, there’s a real buzz and sense of entrepreneurship that fills the air. This is especially thanks to the C4DI (Centre for Digital Innovation), a large, gold-plated structure home to hundreds of people, each changing the world one line of code at a time. Sitting opposite The Deep and with a brand new amphitheatre outside, it’s safe to say that it makes for a very cool neighbour.

The ground floor of the C4DI is a co-working space that’s the base for web developers, graphic designers, online sellers, app makers, video producers and software experts. By uniting these forward-thinking specialists under one roof, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts through collaboration and incubation. Meanwhile, on the three upper floors, dozens of larger companies rent contained offices from which they do business around the UK and abroad.

This information is key for those thinking about getting involved with Prople. The local neighbourhood and what it has to offer is a key consideration when it comes to property investment, as you need to know that people will actually want to live there. Fortunately, the presence of the C4DI, additional buildings at The Dock complex and other business premises nearby means that the Fruit Market area remains busy, safe and well looked after at all times.

With drone pilots, 3D printing engineers, roboticists and digital music distributors living in the area, there’s no shortage of people who want to live in Prople’s apartments. This means that our investors benefit from a lucrative savings opportunity, whilst tenants get to live in the most exciting part of the city, where the future becomes a little brighter every day.

To find out how you can get involved in property investment for as little as £2,000, contact our team today on 01482 215990 or email hello@proplecrowd.com

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