The Easy Way to Grow a Small Fortune

The Easy Way to Grow a Small Fortune

With a multitude of options available, investing money can be tricky. Many people still default to bank-based ISAs without assessing how limited they are in terms of potential. To take a few big name examples, HSBC offers up to 0.5% and Halifax varies from 0.2% to ten times as much depending on which type of ISA you choose, yet the maximum return is still just 2%. Alternatively, you could go with Shawbrook at 1.7% or Skipton at 2%, both of which come with a rather off-putting five-year term.

There are some options with better returns, such as London Capital and Finance that guarantees 8%. However, to open the account you need to fork out a minimum deposit of £5,000, which for some investors could be a significant barrier.

There’s a chance you may have seen an advert called Shazza vs. The Banker, with the title character boasting the unforgettable line “I’m a businesswoman now, Grandma” and comparing herself to Jerry McGuire, only with “less shoulder pads, more shopping bags”. Advertising the investment app Moneybox, the focus is on regular contributions into low-cost tracker funds. Whilst getting its point across that investing is now open to all, it also comes with the legally obliged message that “as with all investing, capital is at risk.”

Whilst Moneybox and similar platforms are an excellent way for newbies to start investing, they do indeed come with a large amount of risk, as well as a rather low return that’s totally dependent on the Global Equities Fund, Global Property Shares Fund and Cash Fund. On top of this, Moneybox takes standard product fees and fund manager fees, eating away at a grand total that could actually be less than what you originally put in.

The same goes for stocks, shares and cryptocurrencies. If you were savvy (or just plain lucky) enough to invest in Bitcoin over the last few years, you’re probably a millionaire today. Likewise, Ethereum is doing quite well at the moment, but then who can say that the entire concept won’t crash within the next twelve months? With even the world’s leading financial experts still pretty much guessing the future, investing this way could make you rich, but it could also lose you a lot of hard-earned cash.

This is where property investment creates a stark contrast. The beauty of top quality property is that it’s required even more than ever, especially due to the progressive demolition of countless premises across the UK that are now classed as defunct, uninhabitable or hazardous. That’s why luxury apartments such as those under the Prople portfolio are in such high demand, with necessity ranking as highly as desirability.

Taking all of the above into account, with Prople you can invest as little as £2,000 and enjoy a guaranteed return of 8% if you remain an investor for just three years. So that’s a higher ROI over a shorter term for a smaller minimum deposit, all without risk, fees or the requirement of insider knowledge.

To find out how you can grow a nest egg from just £2,000, contact our team today on 01482 215990 or email hello@proplecrowd.com

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