What Could You Buy with an Extra £800 a Year?

What Could You Buy with an Extra £800 a Year?

Prople is where luxury property meets crowdfunding. A large number of people buy shares in our stylish apartments in Hull’s newly regenerated Fruit Market, allowing us to create and maintain the very best in modern living, while you benefit from an attractive return of 8% a year. Sounds good so far, right?

Anyone can take out as many or as few shares as they wish for just £2,000 each. Even investing in a single share and leaving it to do its work will mean that it gathers £160 every year, without you having to lift a finger. You can also rest assured that your money is secure, as our properties are always in demand and have been designed with comfort, safety, accessibility and the environment at their core.

Whilst buying a share or two is great, many people have a sizeable amount of cash put aside for a rainy day. This might be in an ISA or another type of savings fund, which is also safe but doesn’t come with good returns (often less than 2%). If you have, say, £10,000 to invest, with Prople you’ll accrue an extra £800 every single year. We’re sure you’ll agree that’s nothing to sneeze at.

So, to help you visualise the true worth of earning an extra £800 a year, let’s take a look at what it could buy.

Live like The Jetsons

That’s right, £800 will buy you your very own Dyson Robot Vacuum Cleaner! This bad boy has twice the suction of any other robot vacuum on the market, plus its 360-degree vision system means that it never misses a spot, no matter what type of floor it’s cleaning. You can even create an automatic schedule using the Dyson Link App – housework has never been so easy.

Come fly with me

Holiday prices change all the time, but we’ve just taken a look at Expedia’s daily deals and it’s amazing what £800 can get you. Fancy a trip to Dubai, Marrakech or Orlando? £800 will pay for flights and five nights in a hotel for two people, which is amazing in itself but even better when you don’t have to lift a finger to save up the cash.

Ready to pop the question?

Who could say no to this 18ct White Gold Diamond Solitaire Ring? Whether it’s full price or on sale, your extra £800 a year could pay for the most important piece of jewellery you’ll ever purchase.

These are just a few suggestions of how you could spend your stress-free earnings. So whether you’re into travelling or technology, fine dining or fast cars, find out how you can grow your hard earned cash with Prople. Get in touch today on 01482 215990 or email hello@proplecrowd.com.

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